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88% of customers research a product before they buy it. That’s true whether they’re shopping in a physical store or online. Today’s tech-savvy customers want detailed information about any new product or service they’re considering buying. And remember, as mentioned above, 20% of purchases are abandoned because customers can’t find the detailed information they need. So, clearly, product and service descriptions do matter. But the question is, why?

They highlight value. When a customer considers purchasing what you have to offer, the only question in their mind is, “How is this going to benefit me?” If your description answers that question well, it can convince a potential customer to pull the trigger on a purchase.

They describe the benefits. Every product or service has features that are directly tied to its benefits. A good description emphasizes those benefits, increasing the desire for your products or services.
They showcase your unique selling point. What makes your products or services different from your competitors’? A good description will clearly communicate that difference to your audience, so your offering stands apart from other, similar options in the market.

In the simplest terms, a great product or service description is vital because it will quickly answer the most pressing questions about what you sell. That makes it easier for customers to decide whether to buy.

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