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industrial maintenance pdf, industrial maintenance services,The industrial equipment maintenance field involves installing, troubleshooting and maintaining industrial maintenance companiesmachinery, fixing problems manually and using computerized diagnostic equipment. Plant & Facility Equipment means a single location that is exclusively dedicated to manufacturing or processing production activities. Facility maintenance is the process of increasing the utility of a building by regularly servicing capital assets, commercial appliances, and areas inside or around a building. Capital assets include machinery, robotics, process equipment, research equipment, and medical devices; commercial appliances include boilers and HVAC units; and areas include rooms, hallways, parking lots, and garages. Equipment maintenance is often used interchangeably with industrial maintenance and property maintenance, but there are key differences between each. Facility maintenance is applied to commercial buildings where no manufacturing is involved; industrial maintenance is applied to manufacturing plants, and property maintenance is applied to residential buildings. The only maintenance application that is closely related to equipment maintenance is building maintenance.

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